Who is this program for? (CrossFit Athletes)

This program is for you if you are looking for a sport that:

  1. Is the next level in competitiveness & camaraderie.

  2. Will challenge and push you to new limits.

  3. Isn’t limited by age, gender or politics.

  4. Supports and encourages each other as athletes and as a community.

  5. Works in creating a balanced athlete.

  6. Can replace a sport in which you have already reached the highest ranks.

Developing the Fittest Athletes (CrossFit Löwe)

As the "Sport of Fitness" grows and develops, so do the demands and requirements of the athletes competing in the sport. Merely training to improve your health and fitness through our CrossFit program will not make you the fittest on earth (although it will definitely make you stronger, fitter and healthier than ever before).


This is the focus and purpose of our CrossFit Competitors Program. With the foundations lying in our CrossFit Löwe classes, the Competitors Program is an extension of that, which develops the greater and more complex demands required to compete at a competitive level.

The following requirements need to be met in order to participate in the Competitors Program:

  • Full understanding of movements found in our CrossFit program.

  • Attend minimum 15 "FS" CrossFit sessions per month. (3-4 session per week)

  • Attend minimum 10 CrossFit Competitors sessions per month. (2-3 sessions per week)

  • Men back squat 295lbs and women 165

  • Men clean 225 and women clean 135.

  • Men snatch 165 and women 105.

  • Men to perform 5 and women perform 2 kipping handstand push-ups.

  • Men perform 5 and women perform 3 unassisted Pull Up.

  • Men run sub 70 sec 400m. Women run sub 80 sec 400m.

  • Men run sub 7 min mile. Women run sub 8 min mile.


This programs guidance will teach you not only how to train like a champion, but also how to take care of your body and train at a level that is appropriate to your age, ability and experience.  We suggest a minimum of 6 months of experience and a coach’s recommendation before starting.  You will be expected to follow the competitor workouts regularly as well as doing suggested “homework” as prescribed by your coaches.


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