Farmers market, coop, bulk

I realize that when you make this change, you will spend more money. And, while organic and grass-fed are optimal, I know that it isn’t always feasible or affordable.

Good, low-cost vegetables and fruits — try the Farmer’s Market. There is a mix of organic and non-organic farmers. You can get things for a good price and lately it has been packed!

Bulk meat – if you can afford it and have a place to freeze meat, consider purchasing it through a local farmer. It will usually run market price plus processing.


If you can’t do the bulk meat thing… a great place to get some meat is Spring Street Grocery. No… it’s not grass-fed, but they do have butcher’s there cutting it and they tend to run some good deals on their meat… like 5 for $20 (steaks, meat, etc.)
For those on a budget (including college students) the farmer’s market is a great place, but if you need to (for mostly staples only… doesn’t have a lot of specialty items) try Aldi’s. Just remember you can only use cash or debit, you bag your own groceries (or grab some of their extra boxes) and you will need a quarter to release a shopping cart.

I don’t shop at Wal-Mart for my own reasons, but I am sure they (and other discount stores) have a good selection at some good, low prices for those on a really tight budget


Market Street and Kroger are my shopping places, but I realize it is a little more expensive. Look for the good deals each week and perhaps that will help you.


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