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As a member of CrossFit Löwe you get full access to all three programs. Crossfit, Endurance, Bulletproof.


Exercise isn’t an event, it’s a lifestyle. At CrossFit Löwe we use CrossFit as our principal strength and conditioning program. The programs at CrossFit Löwe focus on building general physical preparedness (GPP). I workout so that I can do whatever I want: go out, play sports, learn new things. Having that GPP allows me to take on new challenges. Exercise is not my life. I exercise so that I can have a life…and be awesome at it. 


Each day the workout will test a different part of your functional strength or conditioning, not specializing in one particular thing, but rather with the goal of building a body that’s capable of practically anything and everything.

During the CrossFit Löwe classes we focus on an a variety of different movements ranging from strength training in various forms, to gymnastic movements, cardiovascular, speed and agility, plyometrics and much more. These exercises include but are not limited to biking, running, swimming, and rowing in an endless variety of drills. The clean & jerk, snatch, squat, deadlift, push-press, bench-press, and power-clean. Jumping, medicine ball throws and catches, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, handstands, presses to handstand, pirouettes, kips, cartwheels, muscle-ups, sit-ups, scales, and holds. We make regular use of bikes, the track, rowing shells and ergometers, Olympic weight sets, rings, parallel bars, free exercise mat, horizontal bar, plyometrics boxes, medicine balls, and jump rope.

CrossFit Löwe | Frisco, Texas. CrossFit



The Endurance track has benefits galore! This program focuses on core strength, cardiovascular endurance and strength endurance. If you're just starting your fitness journey, this is the program for you. This program will build a strong foundation so you can enter the CrossFit program risk free. However, it is still advanced enough for the experienced fitness enthusiast. Lastly, the barbell can be a beating and many of us need a break from it from time to time. This class never uses a barbell or any advanced gymnastics movements. So it is the perfect class if your body needs a recovery day or week!



This new program will be used as a supplement to our CrossFit program. If you need more daily work, here it is. The overall focus is to increase endurance, grit, and pain tolerance. This program along with the current CrossFit program will send you to the next level of your fitness journey and make you bulletproof. Learn to enjoy the pain.

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